Windows Media Player 12 Screenshots

Windows Media Player 11 added some amazing eye candy, and the dark look definitely made it look much better, however Windows Media Player 12 which has not been released yet, sports a much lighter look, here are some screenshots Ars Technica posted of Windows Media Player 12.

WMP 12 is bundled into the Windows 7 operating system, if you are looking to get Windows 7, you can download the Windows 7 OS torrents.


wmp-12-now-playing-audio-list windows-media-player-12-jumplists windows-media-player-12-taskbar-thumbnails

So what are your thoughts of Windows Media Player 12? Do you like the lighter interface or would you stick with the dark Windows Media Player 11?

Thank Haris.

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  • Damn waiting for WMP 12, but not for Windows 7 :D

  • I think they are coming up with whole lot of features.. lets wait and see..

  • Josh

    Well it certainly looks better than WMP11, and I’ll definitely be getting it when it’s out. Can’t say the same for Windows 7 though! It doesn’t even look as good as Vista (Taskbar wise anyway). Oh well, lets see if the Windows after Windows 7 will be worth getting haha!

  • dreyfus

    Well… I tought it looks better than the “11” but after playing with it on Windows 7 pre-beta I found it really anyoing and I don’t like that they have reduced the album art size make it smaller even than the size of the previous versions of the player… It really anoys me.
    (In fact the album art size is that one on the 1st picture posted in here… not bigger not smaller)

  • radupufan

    Oh… really?

  • dreyfus

    I tought it lools better than WMP11 too but after playing with it on Windows 7 pre-beta I found that it’s in fact uglier than the ’11’ and the the album art size is smaller even of the one of the pre-’11’ versions and that really anoys me… (the size of the album art is exactly the one that is shown in the first screenshoot posted above, not smaller, not bigger)

  • Fred

    Media player 12 is frustrating, and not as simple to use as media player, although Windows 7 makes up for the upgrade