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I recently had a conversation with the Windows Live Writer team at Microsoft, where I shared a wish list for some features I wanted to see in the next version of WLW, this is a post based on that conversation.

Whether you may see it or not is left to them and I am pretty hopeful that they will include the features I suggested, however here is a rundown of features I would love Windows Live Writer to include in their next version.

Ability to add custom fields

One thing I would definitely want to have is the ability to add custom fields to posts that I publish from WLW, this will allow me to skip visiting the admin dashboard to update certain parameters.

Quite recently I wrote a option to add custom fields for the All in One SEO Pack plugin through another plugin called All in One SEO Pack WLW bridge, however I would definitely like to ability to add more custom fields.

That is not all, another awesome thing would be if they could allow users to store custom fields in Name Pair value and reuse them, which will allow users to easily insert custom fields without having to remember the exact custom field name.

For example, users can save All in one SEO title and add a custom field value name as titleor whatever field name the plugin requires, the next time they want to enter the value for the same field, they can do that by using a drop down list with the name they have stored, in this case All in one SEO title.

Auto-Linking Segregation for Different Blogs

I have around 8 different blogs setup with WLW and use the auto-linking feature to link to some terms.

There is a problem with it, I link to internal posts and tags using those terms for blog A, now I am writing a post for blog B, however the terms would still be linked no matter what, this creates a lot of problems since there may be several times I may repeat the same term on blog B, and each time it will link to it.

Now it causes a lot of productivity loss to go back and remove those links manually each time one term from blog A is linked on blog B.

In addition to that, you do not have a choice to link the same terms on multiple blogs.

Another problem with the auto-linking feature is that, auto-linking should not kick in while the previous word in the series is linked, for example I have a auto-link for Gmail and also for Gmail Labs, so when I type in Gmail it gets linked and writing Gmail Labs then creates another link which overlaps the earlier link.

Sometimes we may overlook this and create a weird link.

Auto Spell Check

This is another awesome feature that is on my wish list, I type at the speed of 100 words per minute and sometimes mistype certain words, an auto spell check like Word has would be awesome.

Shortcuts for H tags and P tags and list tags

I highlight quite a lot of sections with H tags, shortcuts for them would be awesome as it would definitely increase productivity, also shortcuts for ordered and unordered list would be awesome.

Ability to add images as watermarks

Windows Live Writer allows users to add watermark to their images, however an option to add images (logos) as watermarks would be great.

I also put up a request for backups and restorations on settings and posts, however there is a plugin/tool that already does that, you might want to check the Windows Live Writer backup tool for that.

This is my wish list for the features I am looking to have in Windows Live Writer. Do you have a wish list? It would be interesting to know about them.

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