Windows 8 "Copenhagen" Concept Video

It has been more than 2 months since started retailing. Most of the people I have spoken to are really amazed by Win 7. However, now that Windows 7 is out, Microsoft has already started focusing on Windows 8, the next version of MS Windows.

Windows 8 is still a long way away, however, there is a concept video which shows you what could be planned ahead for Windows 8. The Windows 8 Copenhagen video walks you through some of design ideas being planned for Windows 8. However, don’t expect the final version to be similar to the video. Remember, this is just a concept video and there might be lots of improvements in the final version or you might see something different altogether.

The graphics and user experience in the Windows 8 concept video builds upon the current Windows 7 experience, and is nothing short of spectacular. One of the interesting things in the video is the way system tray icons are arranged along with grouping of the desktop icons, which is something similar to what Fences does, but in a much better way.

In addition to that, it also walks you through a very neat Windows Explorer experience, and I must say it is 1000 times much better than what Windows 7 has. And yes, finally a dock that can be really useful. By the way, you can use docks in Windows through 3rd party applications. Don’t know about them yet? Check out a neat selection of Docks for Windows, which we have put up in the past.

The lesser said the better, watch the Windows 8 Copenhagen concept video after the jump to see what’s in store in Windows 8.

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