Microsoft To Offer Windows 7 to US Students for $29.99 Till January 3rd 2010

Earlier in the day we reported that you could get Windows 7 for $19, however that offer is no longer valid and ACM has explicitly that their catalog does not contain .


Don’t get dejected yet, Microsoft will be offering US students a chance to get a copy of Windows 7 for $29.99. This is a confirmed news from a Microsoft Windows account (link). That is almost the same price you would have paid for Snow Leopard.

The offer will be is available on the website Win741 which is not active yet is very much active now. You will need to be a student or have a .edu email address to avail of this offer.


The available offer is for a upgrade pack from to Windows 7 which usually costs around $120.

This is as good as the earlier offer and for $10 more you will get the best OS on the market right now, and when we SAY it’s the best, believe us it is.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft To Offer Windows 7 to US Students for $29.99 Till January 3rd 2010”

  1. This is good news, although I’d have expected it.. just decent marketing really, young college students are the up and coming long term market, plus
    acknowledging that they need and giving them a financial break is “relationship building”.

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