Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Screenshots Leaked, Details Unveiled

Windows 7 Service Pack Installation

Apparently the Windows 7 SP1 is less than 150MB in size, which is good considering that service packs for have been much larger than this.

Windows 7 Service Pack Size

The build numbers for the SP1 is rumored to be somewhere between 7600.20500 and .20700. A beta release is expected in July 2010, so you can except a lot of changes to happen in between now and then.

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Installed

Apparently this build fixes over 150 issues. However, users should not be troubled about the late release of the SP1, since Microsoft usually releases regular patches through Windows update. The SP1 contains most of the released patches and new ones in a single bundle.

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  • I am hoping that Windows 7 SP 1 will finally make me switch full into WIndows 7, right now I am running windows 7 only under a second partition, I suppose because from my experience I have gotten higher frames per second on windows XP on the games that I play compared to Windows 7, which is why I am still on Windows xp.

    But maybe that has to do with nvidia not having the best drivers for Windows 7?

    Till then,


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