Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Screenshots Leaked, Details Unveiled

Looks like Microsoft is planning for a rollout of Service Pack 1 (SP1) a few months into the official release of the best ever operating system from MS.

Both Softpedia and Neowin have confirmed that the SP1 for Windows 7 is scheduled for somewhere in July. A set of leaked screenshots is doing the rounds of the internet, courtesy Muy Windows (translated to English). Here are few of the screenshots from a non-English version of the SP1.

Welcome to Windows 7 SP1 Installation

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  • I am hoping that Windows 7 SP 1 will finally make me switch full into WIndows 7, right now I am running windows 7 only under a second partition, I suppose because from my experience I have gotten higher frames per second on windows XP on the games that I play compared to Windows 7, which is why I am still on Windows xp.

    But maybe that has to do with nvidia not having the best drivers for Windows 7?

    Till then,


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