Why Tim Cook is the Right Man to Follow Steve Jobs [Editorial]

Nothing shows Cooks dedication to that idea, and to keeping Apple successful, more than his exclamation during the latest Apple earning call. He said that Apple “sold every iPad 2 [they] could make.” While it may sound like he was celebrating the demand for sales, its clear that he was looking to emphasize that Apple only made as many iPads as they new they could sell.

This hatred for storing inventory is part of Cook’s reputation among Apple employees. He believes, along with Jobs, that part of Apple’s problem in the past was the old world mentality of stockpiling inventory. This has been a key part of Apples continued dominance in the technology sector. ¬†With Cook at the helm, this is sure to continue.


For a long time now, Cook has been effectively running Apple’s sales division. Begining with Jobs’ leave of absence in 2009, Cook has been doing most of the day to day decision making at Apple. To put it simply, Steve was the face of the company, and the genius behind many of its products. It was Tim who would make sure those were implemented perfectly, marketed flawlessly, and became huge piles of cash for the company.

At the end of the day, not much is going to change at Apple. Sure, there are some people with new titles, and some offices have moved, but the brains will remain in the same places. Steve will offer his guidance and designs, and Tim will still make them print money. We probably won’t see as many black turtlenecks at future device launches, but we will move on.

When push comes to shove, Apple will still be Apple. There will still be new iPhones, new Macs, and new iPads. There will also be products we could never have imagined, and innovation beyond our wildest dreams. For Steve and Tim, this is just business as usual. Don’t praise Jobs one minute and question him the next. If he says Tim Cook is the man who should lead Apple, then I believe him. I’m rooting for you, Tim.

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Tony Price

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