Why I Won’t Buy an iPad or Any Other Tablet

I am not a born geek, however, over the period of time that I have used technology, I have easily adapted to newer one’s and shunned a few too. I am a Software  Engineer by profession, but I have handled tons of devices which are fancy but are hard for me to really go ahead and buy. However, I have built more than 100 PCs by assembling them with my bare hands with devices that I really believe in.

One thing I do before buying any device, no matter what the hype is, is to actually use it with my own hands and then decide whether I should buy it or not. To prove a fact, I have always been a Nokia fan, but when I went and used the Nokia N97, I discarded it, because it was not really what I wanted and found it to be inadequate for my needs. Another example is that I bought the iPod Touch 3GS, which again was a big feat, but I really liked it better than the , and bought it years after it was launched.

Rest aside, I did predict that 2010 was going to be the year of Internet Tablets, however, for me to go ahead and shun my laptop, netbook and smartphone for a Tablet would be something foolish, because they do the job I require them to do and work perfectly fine. So why would I not want to buy an Internet Tablet?

First of all, tablets are something which are just coming out, though I am an early adopter, I do not adopt anything blindly. Of course, who would not fancy carrying a 1.5 pound device around as compared to the 2.5 pound netbook or the half a pound smartphone? However, when you drop the 1 pound in weight or gain 1 pound around it, you also drop 60-75% of functionalities or gain 10-20% (maybe more) respectively.

Agreed that netbooks and smartphones were supposed to do nothing but Internet, chat and social networking, however, over a period of time they have grown to become devices which everyone clings on to. Let’s put this into perspective; Can you imagine yourself going around without your smartphone or phone for that matter? Can you imagine making trips without your netbook? If I were you, both these answers would be no. However, it did not happen overnight, it happened with time. Why? Because both these devices have matured enough to allow me to work with them and have been an ample alternative to a real "full fledged" laptop or desktop computer.

Secondly, hype supersedes requirements. There have been times when I have gone and bought things based on hype. After using the new thing for sometime, I got bored and hardly used it. What tablets are doing now is something similar, it is a hype that it is better than your netbook and smartphone, however, once you start using it you will realize that you still need both your netbook and your smartphone to do things. It is not a replacement, it is just something that will be sandwiched between both of them. It won’t allow you to function without any one of them for sure.

Let me give you some examples. If you want to make a phone call, you need your phone (Don’t give me that Skype thing, how many of you actually use it to make "real" phone calls?). If you want to convert videos, you need your netbook, nevertheless you can use your tablet to view videos. But now, would you carry your netbook around to convert videos just so that you can watch it on your brand new tablet? This is just one part of it, there are so many things a tablet can’t do which your netbook or smartphone will be able to do.

The problem right now is that tablets are just "Internet tablets", you can chat on them, visit sites, watch videos, listen to music and do anything on the web. Of course, you will be able to run apps on them, but will you be able to program on it? Will you be able to video conference? Will you be able to type with ease?

One more thing I won’t buy it for is the larger video experience than my current smartphone. If I add $200 more to the price I will pay for the cheapest tablet, I can buy a 42" or higher resolution HDTV. If I add more to it I can buy the Sony Bravia and get the best TV and video experience I can ever get.

The problem I have here is not adaptability, there are 10-12" netbooks which will totally out perform tablets, and yes I prefer to read my newspapers and books through a hard copy. Of course, it does make my bag a few pounds heaver, but so does it make my wallet too, and yes I a can lug around a bag with 15 pounds in it, don’t we have trolleys and broad shoulders?

I really don’t care if my iPod Touch or does not have Flash, as I would rather watch a movie or a video on HDTV if I want to. If you start shrinking your video experience to a small screen, why do you buy or yearn to buy a big TV?

Closing on this, I don’t think I will buy a tablet just because it is there. I definitely don’t think that it will add to my current experience or enhance the way I am productive. Of course, if does give me the benefit of lugging around a smaller device that can perform better than a smartphone, but it will definitely not fit in my pocket, require additional screen protection and I will still need a bag. And if I do have to carry a bag, I would prefer to put a smarter and more useful device in it.

However, I am not saying that I will never buy one, I will, however, not over hype, but when the device matures to become really useful and an alternative to both my netbook and my smartphone.

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Keith Dsouza

I am the editor-in-chief and owner of Techie Buzz. I love coding and have contributed to several open source projects in the past. You can know more about me and my projects by visiting my Personal Website.I am also a social networking enthusiast and can be found active on twitter, you can follow Keith on twitter @keithdsouza. You can click on my name to visit my Google+ profile.

  • Walter Earnshaw

    Good article. I can add another app(which I bought at pc World)
    It is called Bamboo – a sort of graphics Tablet – I describe it as this because when I finally got Bamboo on to my pc I find it does not work!

  • however, for me to go ahead and shun my laptop, netbook and smartphone for a Tablet would be something foolish, because they do the job I require them to do and work perfectly fine. So why would I not want to buy an Internet Tablet?

    You are mistaken in mixing these two. The iPad is clearly not meant to replace either your Laptop or CellPhone. It does limited things, but does them at its best! No other device out there will ever match the iPad interms of Internet-Email-Multimedia Experience! Thats where it truly excels at.

    Its iPhone deja-vu again! People highly criticized the iPhone earlier cause of its lack of features. Its not the features which really matter, its the experience! In 6 months time people will realize the potential of the iPad.

    • Hmmmm, I was talking about the netbook and the smartphone. BTW, can you video conference on your iPad? Will the home screen automatically pull my emails and show me social networking updates? I just don’t want to buy another device to watch videos, I prefer my 50″ TV for it.

      And yes, no where in the post did I criticize iPad, I laid down the facts on why I won’t buy it. What a device does 6 months later only time will tell, even you cannot be sure about that.

      • Well Push is already there for Emails and other Social Apps.

        And by laying out points on not buying the iPad, you do indirectly criticize it.

        Anyways this discussion isn’t much help. People have their own perceptions and opinions. I am too just laying down my own. But one thing is for sure, without a doubt, the iPad will provide the best possible experience, however limited the area of appliance may be.

  • guy

    This is why I hate the Ipad. You sound really reasonable, and I am blindly hateful of it, but it does nothing I can't do better with my laptop. My laptop may be 15" but damnit, it has more than a proportional lead in features.

  • I’m with you. Long after you wrote this and I still haven’t bought a tablet and don’t plan on doing either. I did just buy a BenQ notebook though, and for only $300. Seriously, why would anyone buy a teeny tiny tablet when you can buy a notebook with a 13″ screen for only 300 bucks!!!!