Why I’m Dying to Buy the HP TouchPad, And You Should Too

As all of you probably know by now, HP killed webOS on its earnings call this week. It also announced that it will be liquidating its TouchPad stock and selling it at fire sale prices – $99 for the 16GB TouchPad and $149 for the 32 GB TouchPad. After that announcement, the TouchPads which weren’t selling at all, became the top selling gadgets of the week.

I have been trying to get my hands on one since 2 days now, but everywhere I check, it’s just sold out. Anyways, a lot of people still aren’t convinced if the TouchPad is a good buy at $99. This post is meant to knock some sense into them.

HP TouchPad

Here’s why I’m dying to buy the HP TouchPad, and you should too:

It’s only $99, dude!

If you said that it wasn’t worth buying the TouchPad at $499, when you could buy the iPad 2 instead, I would totally agree with you.

But with the TouchPad priced at $99, it’d be stupid to not buy it. The hardware powering the TouchPad is really good. It comes with a dual core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor, 1 GB RAM and 9.7 inch capacitive display. The cost of these components alone is way more than $99. Besides, there are very few tablets which offer this kind of hardware right now. Compared to those that do, the TouchPad is priced at least 80% lower.

You cannot even get a Chinese knockoff tablet for $99. If you were to just foot the bill of the components used to manufacture the TouchPad, you would be paying more than $200. There has never been a better bargain in the tablet world.

Android for the WIN!

You may be wary of the TouchPad, considering that webOS isn’t as good as iOS or Android. However, here’s some good news. As soon as word of the TouchPad fire sale got out, a group of Android hackers has already announced that they will be porting Android to the TouchPad. While it won’t be getting Honeycomb, it will definitely get a Gingerbread port, and quite possibly, an Ice Cream Sandwich port as well.

I currently have a Nook Color, and trust me, sometimes, support of the dev community is what you want more than great hardware. The dev community has transformed the Nook Color from a puny eBook reader to an excellent Android tablet. They can definitely work wonders with the HP TouchPad, which is a beast in terms of hardware.

webOS isn’t that bad

Even if you don’t see yourself installing Android on the TouchPad, webOS definitely isn’t so bad that it doesn’t deserve even $99, especially when coupled with such awesome hardware. Screw apps, even if you just use it for web browsing, reading books and for an occasional movie, it’s definitely worth the money.

Well, I doubt you can get one now, but if you can, go for it.

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