London Olympics 2012

Watch London Olympics Closing Ceremony Online

London Olympics 2012

NBC has succombed to pressure and is going to stream the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremonies live via its website It will will also be streaming via its NBC Olympics Live Extra app. Live streaming coverage for the closing ceremonies will begin at 4PM EST. NBC does still plan to show its tape-delayed coverage for its regular viewers. Also, keep in mind that the live streaming website and app require you to verify that you are a satellite, cable, or telco customer.

NBC has taken a beating for its delayed coverage of the London Olympics. So bad in fact, it even garnered its own hashtag “#nbcfail” on Twitter. In an age of instant media, NBC chose to take the old fashioned tape-delay route for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and they have paid dearly for it in the arena of public opinion. It appears that there was some fear on the part of NBC execs that the live streaming coverage would somehow interfere with the ratings of its top shows. Quite the opposite has happened, however. The description regarding this year’s Olympics ratings usually has “unprecedented” somewhere in the sentence.

This year’s closing ceremonies promises to be an exciting one. According to the London 2012 website, “‘We want it to be the best after-show party there has ever been.” Kim Gavin, who has masterminded spectacular stage shows for acts including Take That in the past, explains its focus: ‘It is about British creativity in the arts. There is a hell of a lot of talent and music and a hell of a lot of show in the show.’ Let’s hope it lives up to all the hype!


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