uTorrent 2.0 Beta Released, Adds UDP Trackers Support

uTorrent the popular BitTorrent client for downloading and managing torrents has released uTorrent 2.0 Beta 16081 which adds several functionalities to this already popular client.

One of the most interesting features in this release is the addition of UDP trackers, it is well know that UDP based trackers are more efficient than HTTP based trackers and the addition of support for UDP tracker will definitely cheer up uTorrent users.

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New Features in uTorrent 2.0 Beta 16081

  • We’ve added UDP tracker support!
  • uTP has been improved significantly over the previous alpha, with many bugs fixed and performance improvements. It’s no longer hidden in Advanced settings.
  • The setup dialog has been overhauled to make it much easier to use and with a built-in speed test. It’s still not quite complete yet, but this will give you a good taste of what we’re up to with it!
  • Transfer caps are now configurable, with usage tracking and graphs.

You can download uTorrent Beta 2.0 by visiting this forum announcement post, it also includes information about the latest changes available in this version.

Please note, this software is in Beta, only install it if you are ready to test it out, it is not yet ready for production use and may have several bugs.


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