Best Gmail Gadgets: Useful Gadgets That Make Your Life Easier

Continuing the series on best gadgets, we will be showcasing some of the most useful gadgets that can add some utility to your Gmail account and save you some time too.

The list will look at Gadgets that can be used to search Wikipedia, run a quick calculation, check time in different time zones and more.

If you have missed the earlier part in the series, here is the list of gadgets we had featured earlier for Gmail.

On the other hand, if you are new to gadgets in Gmail, take a look at our tutorial for adding custom gadgets to Gmail.

Wikipedia Search

wikipedia_gadget If you use email to research quite a lot, you may periodically have to lookup terms in Wikipedia, this gadget will save you some time searching Wikipedia. Just enter you term and the Wikipedia page will open up in a   new window or tab.

Wikipedia Search Gadget URL:

Google Translate

google_translate_gadget Want to translate a word quickly before you send it to someone, or want to translate back a word from a email you received? The Google Translator gadget can save you time when you want to do this, add this gadget, enter the word you want to translate, choose the language you want translation for, or let Google detect the language for you, pretty handy gadget.

Google Translate Gadget URL:

World Clock

world_timings_gadget Previously reviewed World Clock for Gmail is another must have gadget for users who communicate with people from different time zones, with this gadget you can view the time for several different countries and time zones in your Gmail sidebar.

World Clock Gadget URL:

Ask A Word

ask_a_word_gadget Ask A Word is a very handy gadget which will allow you to spellcheck, search Thesaurus, Dictionary and Encyclopedia without leaving Gmail, pretty useful when you want to quickly lookup a word from a email for its dictionary meaning, or while composing emails.

Ask Word Gadget URL:

Remember The Milk

remember_the_milk_gadget Remember The Milk is one of the best web based task manager we have seen yet, if you still a RTM user and not much in Google Tasks or desktop tools for Remember the Milk, this gadget will definitely come in handy to quickly keep a eye on your TODO lists.

RTM Gadget URL:

Google Tasks

google_tasks_gadget Google Tasks quickly allows you to convert emails into To-Do lists, along with adding your own To-do tasks, you can view all the Google tasks in your sidebar with the Google Tasks gadget.

If you are looking for a desktop alternative, checkout the Google Tasks for Desktops.

Google Tasks Gadget URL:

Google Calculator

google_calculator_gadget Looking to compute simple arithmetic expressions or convert between units, the Google Calculator is a really handy tool which can compute complicated mathematical expressions and conversions with ease, it even does algebra and you can also use wildcard entries to calculate terms.

Google Calculator Gadget URL:

Google Docs Gadget

google_docs_gadget Want to keep a quick eye on your account from the Gmail sidebar? A experimental gadget from will allow you to add this feature to your Gmail sidebar. Read more on how to enable Google Docs gadget in Gmail Labs.

Google Calendar Gadget

google_calendar_gadget Another useful gadget which is part of Gmail Labs, the Google Calendar gadget allows users to quickly view all their current events in Gmail sidebar, pretty useful. Read more on how to enable Google Calendar gadget in Gmail Labs.

Currency Converter

currency_converter_gadget Want to convert Dollars to Euros or Pounds to Dollars, you can do it all without leaving Gmail, just add the currency converter gadget and you can easily convert from current exchange rates for the currency you choose.

The conversion is done in real time as you type, and you can see the conversion both ways, from one currency to another and vice versa

Currency Converter Gadget URL:

Links To Google Services

links_to_google_services_gadget Do you use a lot of Google services? If so, you can quickly open any Google service from your Gmail sidebar, without the need to type the entire URL, this Links to Google Services adds links to every Google service.

Links To Google Services Gadget URL:

Do you think there are other gadgets that are useful and can be used in Gmail? Do let us know about them through your comments.

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