US Open Organizers Ban Players & Officials From Using Twitter

US Open is going to start today and what better way than to keep fans up-to-date on latest happenings than by tweeting about it, but looks like at least the players, their entourages and officials have been strictly told not to use while the tournament is on.

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The ban is supposedly in place so that insider information is not leaked to the public and the organizers think that it could violate the sport’s anti-corruption rules.

The player’s lounge have been posted with notices which read "Important. Player Notice. Twitter Warning.". The rules in that notice includes this;

Many of you will have Twitter accounts in order for your fans to follow you and this is great. However popular it is, it is important to warn you of some of the dangers posted by Twittering as it relates to the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program Rules.

However not many players are happy about this including Andy Roddick, who had some harsh things to say about this ban.



Definitely makes sense to us, wonder which other players are upset about this. What is your takes, should the US open officials have banned twitter during the tournament? Let us know.


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