URL Shortening Services

There have been a influx of URL shortening services over the past year, and not everyone is aware about each and every service out there, here is a a list of services you can use to shorten those really long URLs to a shorter one.


URL Shortening Services We Recommend

TinyURL TinyURL is like the GoDaddy for domains, one of the oldest and most popular services to convert long URLs into really tiny ones.

Linkbun.ch Link Bunch is a unique link shortening which will allow you to bunch several links into a single URL and share it with your friends or family, definitely useful.

NSFW.in Ever wanted to share a link which is NSFW? NSFW.in provides you with a option to do that, by adding a warning message before opening the actual URL, so that your friends are not embarrassed when they click on a link you send them.

ShortText ShortText is not exactly a shortening service, but it works in a similar way for shortening the text you want to send to someone. Why text? Have you heard of twitter and the 140 character limit?

DwarfURL DwarfURL is a URL shortening service which not only shortens your service, but also provides you with the stats on the clicks and where they came from.

is.gd A URL Shortening Service with the shortest names.

Other URL Shortening Services

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