Upload Images To Facebook Using Windows Live Gallery

There are several times when you may have gone out on a trip or outing, or took photographs of something unique, however keeping those pictures to themselves, is something people rarely do and sharing them with friends and family is definitely the way to go.

One such way to share images is to upload them to popular social networking sites like Facebook and Orkut so that your friends can easily view, how you had fun and enjoyed your trip.

However using a web interface to upload pictures, is simply too time wasting and though there is a   tool that will allow you to upload pictures to Facebook from your desktop, we came across another interesting tool, which will allow you to upload images, as well as tag friends, set who all can view those images whilst allowing you to create new albums or uploading images to existing ones.


The only catch for the LiveUpload tool is that you will have to download and install the Windows Live Gallery, which again is a free tool, on your desktop first.

Definitely a app worth using if you are a Facebook user and prefer to upload pictures.

Download LiveUpload

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