Ultimate Windows Tweaker For Windows Vista

has lots of features which are really unwanted for a normal user, however there are no really good tools like Tweak UI powertoy available officially for Windows XP. Though the wait to get a tool has been long enough, the Windows Vista club has released a tool called Ultimate Windows Tweaker which will help you tweak apply 130 tweaks without having to edit the registry.

The freeware utility has a simple easy-to-use user interface, with the tweaks being classified in separate heads based of their functionality. Most tweaks are hidden inside Vista, and what this tweaker does is to try and put the useful one’s in one place. It has over 130 tweaks, but is yet, just a 370 KB .exe file, which does not require an install.


Ultimate Windows Tweaker segregates the tweaks into several different categories which include:

  • Personalization Tweaks.
  • User Accounts and UAC Tweaks.
  • System and Performance Tweaks.
  • Security Tweaks.
  • Internet Explorer Tweaks.
  • Network Optimization Tweaks.
  • Miscellaneous Tweaks.

This tool also allows you to create a System restore point easily, normally you would have to follow several steps to create restore points. Definitely a tool worth downloading and tweaking your system with.

Download Ultimate Tweaker

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