Ultimate List of Windows 7 Themes

One of the best things about the new Windows 7 operating system, aside from the entire slew of new features, is the plethora of themes that users are making. From sullen and dark to cheerful and vibrant, these themes are spread over a variety of different artistic styles and usage of the abstract and the surreal to create an atmosphere for you to work on.

Like the other Ultimate Lists here are seven of the best Windows 7 themes mostly from the incredible deviantART.

Waterbomb and Windows 7


With a desktop like that, I’m sure everyone would want one instantly!

Theme for Winodws (sic) 7


Though we do not know if the typo in the title was intentional or not, we certainly know that this theme has one of the prettiest wallpapers around coupled with a minimal design!

Only Black (Windows 7 RC)


Yet another simple but effective theme for Windows 7 (The link takes you to the newer version).

Alternative for Windows 7


A mashup of the aero style from Vista and the original Windows 7 theme, this one shines with beautiful color usage!

Windows 7 DarkClear


For me, dark colors with morbidly fascinating blue make for a clear (forgive the preceding pun and the proceeding internet slang) WIN!

Thank you “K.” for pointing out that this is only for Windows XP. I overlooked that. (It stills looks very pretty!)

Aerosnap 7


After that darkening cloud full of dark themes, here’s a light transparent one that would definitely have many scurrying to download this!

AeroVG Se7en


Yet another simple but clearly efficient theme!

Soft 7 1.7

Soft7_1_7_for_Windows_7_UPDATE_by_AP_GRAPHIK (1)

A cool blue Windows 7 theme!

ThaImpact VS


Yet another shiny black theme. Seems to be loads of these nowadays!


Win7_Blend__For_Windows_7_v1_2_by_zainadeel (1)

A light and blended theme for the OS.

Neon Windows 7


This is one really glowing Windows 7 theme. I personally like the customized Firefox icon. Sleek!

Red Fusion


For all those who like red. Not exactly a mod of the Neon theme (though the maker is the same!)

Clearscreen Sharp


A clear blend theme again!



The DS in the name does not carry the same implication as that of the Nintendo system!

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