Bing Grows More Twitter Friendly With BingTweets

the ever growing decision making search engine has grown a little bit more friendly than their earlier announcement of introduction of twitter tweets in search results, with the introduction of BingTweets, a search engine which will also display real-time tweets in Bing results page.

This new offering sports a completely different interface than the original Bing page, as you can see from the screenshot below.


The real-time auto-updating search results from twitter is displayed in the left hand side of the page, with the regular results taking up the right hand side.


In addition to that, BingTweets also adds a bit of social elements to the interface in the form of allowing users to share the results on either twitter or using other sharing options.


Another interesting feature is that you can see all the trending topics on the page, however they are further divided into most popular trending topics, most popular people trending, most popular places trending and most popular products trending.

Overall a very refreshing and social search offering from Bing, wonder whether folks at Google are still sleeping, or are they? Maybe they are just working on buying out twitter :-).

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