Twitter Introduces Geotagging for Tweets

has announced the introduction of geographically locating your tweets or Geotagging them with the location where you have tweeted it from.


With the help of the new Geotagging feature, developers and advertisers will be able to use the geographical data and display local ads or information to you. Several services like Seesmic Web and Foursquare are already making use of the feature.

If you paranoid about your privacy, you have something to smile about. Geotagging will not be enabled by default and users will have to manually go to the settings page to enable this feature.

How to Enable/Disable Geotagging in Twitter?

To enable or disable Geotagging in Twitter, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Login to Twitter and go to the Settings page.


Step 2: Scroll down in the account tab to enable or disable Geotagging.

Twitter also provides users with an option to delete all previous location data that has been geotagged on twitter, give users a complete opt-out of the service.

What do you think of the new Geotagging feature? Will you share you tweet location to get more personalized ads and content? Or are you too paranoid about your privacy to share this information with the world?

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