Twitter for Command Line Junkies

Command line junkies if you shun having to use some fancy twitter clients, a like minded person has developed an application that you will definitely like.

Quitter is a handy tool for command line junkies that will allow you to access your timeline and update your status using the command line.


Once you have downloaded the software, extract it to a folder and double click on Quitter.exe, it will open up a command prompt and ask you to validate your user using OAuth.

Once you have successfully authenticated your account, you will get a pin, just enter the pin on the command line prompt and you are all set.


To get help using the application, press ? and you will be shown a list of options, for example to read all tweets you just need to press the enter key, to post a tweet you have to press the P", key to reply to a tweet press the Rkey and so on.


In addition to that Quitter also allows you to organize your followers into groups and only read tweets from the group, filter tweets that contain certain #hashtags, use URL shorteners for tweeting URLs, opening links posted by your friends in your default browser without having to copy paste it, send and receive direct messages and more.

For a command line tool, Quitter packs in a ton of exciting features. Quitter is definitely a non-obtrusive and useful client for everyone, go ahead and give it a try.

Quitter is a , just download the handy and run it from wherever you want.

Download Quitter

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