Twitter Is Turning Into A Spammers Paradise

is really a great place to be in, but did you imagine that one of the best place could also turn out to be the worst one, in the recent past, I have seen twitter being abused at will, without twitter being able to do much about most of the things.

Not that we require Twitter to become the next , however few incidents in the past and quite a few more in the near future will make it a spammers paradise which will then leave twitter with nothing but spammers to pit against itself.


To give you a perspective of why twitter is letting itself get used, let’s take this example, twitter in itself is not making any revenue yet, of course they may be making money, and have a great investor base, but as far as anyone is concerned twitter is not making money out of itself.

However take a look at the number of annoying ads that fill up your timeline, through third party services that I would rather not name, not only are they annoying, most of the users who use this service decoy those tweets as legitimate without flagging them as ads.

Take a example where most of the users let these so called legal money making sources for twitter, without even knowing the product or link they are tweeting about, send messages on their behalf, of course every dollar you make is income, but think about what would happen, if somehow something went wrong, some of your friends clicked on that link, thinking that you were the one passing it and then due to some illegitimate reasons got into a problem, who would they blame, you or your money making device.

I do hear the argument that these companies will never let anything that is harmful in the first place, but then think about this, you hate some product or company so much that you would hate to even talk about it, and all of a sudden you tweet about the same product and pass on some links to your friends, now that is not a situation you would want to be in.

I do believe that twitter is obviously taking their name seriously and working towards it, however they have still to get their brand in place, take a look at a recent incident where someone used their name to abuse or misuse the name of twitter, and twitter had to make a announcement that they had no such so called Twitter partners instead of suing them in the first place.

I do understand that they have a lot of things going on, but the first thing to do was stop making someone from using your brand, did it pretty well by disallowing users from using wordpressin any domain names, when will twitter be able to do it?

These things may seem small, but when you think about the exponential growth in twitter over the past two months, you would realize how many newbies are around who don’t have a clue about what to believe in and what to trust, however twitter in a URL would augment trust that they have initially about the product in itself.

All these facts in itself make me think that where is the control twitter? If you don’t take things into control, twitter will soon turn into the biggest spam paradise we have ever seen, and oh lest that I forget, don’t ever tweet about your email address, it may be at a huge risk in getting into the hands of some legitimate spammers.

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