TweetDeck Updates, Add Multiple Accounts, Cloud Storage and More

one of the best cross platform clients just updated, adding a whole lot of new features which we were waiting for a long long time now.

The most notable features in the latest version is first of all that it is really much more faster than the earlier versions, and to top that it even supports multiple twitter accounts, something we have been waiting for a long time now.


Well that is not everything to it, you can now also create your TweetDeck account to synchronize your groups and other settings which you can then pull to anywhere else you start using TweetDeck , awesomeness written all over this, and the also have a iPhone app now, that is too many things to devour in one night.

New Features in TweetDeck Include

Sync you can automatically synchronize TweetDeck between your desktop and iPhone, making it really simple to import your columns and groups so you can be up and running on iPhone in a matter of minutes no reinventing the wheel. Sync works in the background so whenever you change a group or add a new search column it’s updated and available on all your computers and your iPhone. This also means that everything can be backed up in case your computer ever crashes.

Multiple account support you can now have multiple accounts with no need to switch between them. Whether you’re on the desktop or iPhone we’ve made it simple to see all your columns, for all your accounts and tweet from any account or even cross-post tweets to numerous Twitter accounts at the same time.

Unlimited columns you’ll be happy to hear that you can now have as many columns as you’d like on TweetDeck. No more 10 columns limit, now the sky’s the limit.

Local trends rather than only being able to see what’s trending on Twitter as a whole, with local trends, you can now see what’s hot among your own friends and colleagues. You’ll be able to run local trends on any of your columns in TweetDeck.

For more information read their release post or download or upgrade Tweetdeck.

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