Translate Foreign Language RSS Feeds To Your Language

Language barrier can really be a pain while communicating with people, likewise the web is also made up of several websites which are not in your native language. So would you skip reading interesting content, just because it is in a language you do not understand.

Most likely the answer would be yes, however, there are several ways to translate web page content, one of involves Google Translate, but what if you want to subscribe to a RSS feed of a website in a foreign language?

Turns out that there are several ways in which you can translate RSS Feeds and then subscribe to them in your own native language. I will list out a few resources using which you can translate RSS feeds to your own language and then subscribe to them in your RSS reader.

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Google Reader Translation

Google Reader Translate RSS Feed

If you are a Google Reader user, translating feeds to your own language is a piece of cake. Just subscribe to the RSS feed you want in Google Reader and click on the "Feed Settings" button. From the available options, select "Translate into my language" for the foreign language feed. That’s it, Google will use the Translate API to translate the feed to the language you have in your account settings.

Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo Pipes Translate RSS Feed

Yahoo Pipes is one of the most innovative piece of software ever created. It allows you to mashup RSS feeds and create a single one. In addition to that, Yahoo Pipes also offers several other functionalities, one of them being the ability to translate RSS feeds to your native language.

Webware has detailed instructions on how you can translate a RSS feed to your own language. Head over to this link to learn the trick.

Ed Note: The Babel Fish translation operator is deprecated, you will find it under the Deprecated options.

Feed Language Translation

Feed Language Translation

Feed Language is a RSS feed translator which is powered by the Google AJAX API and uses Google Translate API for translating feeds to and from 52 languages. To create a feed, just enter the URL of the RSS feed and select the language combination.

Feed Language will create a new RSS feed which will contain the translated content. You can then use the new RSS URL to subscribe to the feed in your RSS reader.

Mloovi – RSS Feed Translator

Mloovi is a free tool which translates RSS newsfeeds from and to 52 languages using Google Translate. You can sing up for a free account and translate RSS feeds to your language. The converted RSS feeds will contain ads from Mloovi.

That’s it, using the above tools or services you can get through the language barrier with ease and keep up with the latest news on your favorite websites.

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