Translate Word Documents

Microsoft Word does not have an option to translate documents automatically, if you have downloaded or received a document through email, you will need to copy the text and paste it in a online document and PDF translator or offline language translator to translate the text to your language.

The Doc Translate add-in for Microsoft Word will allow you to translate Word Documents through a new Ribbon Menu item.

Once you have installed the Office add-in, open the docTranslate menu and select the language you want to translate to, you can choose to add the translations inline, to a new document, in the same document or append it to the end of the document.

Translate Word Documents

Doc Translate is powered by the Windows Live Translator Engine.

Download Doc Translate

Note: The Doc Translate release page is in Portuguese, you may want to head directly to the translated page in English.

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  1. Nice post and very useful. I receive lots of emails in languages I do not understand, so the tool you are writing about will surely prove very useful to me.

    Thank you for sharing

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