Transfer Images Between Flickr and Picasa [Featured Download]

is a great service to share images among friends and family, however I prefer to use Picasa which is a similar photo sharing tool from , which also comes with a desktop tool, that will let you edit images, create photo collages and upload it to your web account.

But that said it is a matter of personal choice as to which image service you use. If you decide to switch between Flickr and Picasa, a handy freeware called Migratr will help you transfer your images between them in a quick and easy way.


Migratr provides users with a 6-step wizard that will help you to migrate images between different image sharing services including Flickr and Picasa. Migratr basically follows the following flow to transfer images between services:

  1. Validates source image service account.
  2. Downloads the images from your source account to your local drive.
  3. Validates target image service account.
  4. Uploads the downloaded file to the target account.

With Migratr you also have the benefit of downloading files to your local hard drive which you can then and store.

Currently you can use Migratr to transfer images between the following image services: Flickr, Picasa Web, 23HQ, AOL Pictures (Import Only),, Flickr, Menalto Gallery, Phanfare, Zenfolio and Zooomr.

Download Migratr [via LostInTechnology]

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