Track eBay Auctions From Your Desktop

eBay is one of the biggest market place to buy and sell used and new items, the most famous part of eBay though is the auctions, where users can bid on items they want to buy. eBay auctions usually start out a very low amount, the price increases as more and more bids are received.


If you are someone who regularly bids on eBay items and products, here is a tool that will help you keep track of eBay auctions from your desktop.

Auction Desktop Tracker is a Freeware tool, that will allow you to track eBay auctions from your desktop, you don’t have to constantly open your browser and check auction status. Track and manage eBay auctions with Auction Desktop Tracker.

To track eBay auctions from your desktop, copy the item ID for the auction item and paste it into Auction Desktop Tracker, click on the Add to List button to start tracking the auction.


Once you have entered the items you want to track, Auction Desktop Tracker will start tracking the auction, displaying the item name, auction end time, current bid, number of bids received, reserve price met or not, time left and more.


You can easily use this information to place bids when before the auction is going to come to an end, most of the eBay auctions are snatched at the last second, so this tool will definitely come in pretty useful, when you want to buy a item, but want to bid at the last moment.

Auction Desktop Tracker Features

  • Track auctions on your desktop
  • Monitor auctions in real time, auctions can be refreshed as often as every minute
  • Live count down clock shows the time left for auctions
  • Get alert when an auction is close to end
  • Quick access to the alerted auction through the provided link
  • Works with 16 different eBay international sites

eBay Auction Desktop Tracker is a and it does not require any installation, you can drop it on your USB drive and use it from anywhere.

Download Auction Desktop Tracker

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