5 Ways To Track Your Brand/Website On Twitter
By on July 13th, 2009

is everywhere, more and more brands are getting twitter savvy and tweeting quite often these days, I have even made a funny quote about this recently.


However jokes aside, twitter is definitely a huge ocean of information and finding when your brand or website is mentioned is a bit difficult, however only a bit difficult, since there are several ways in which you can easily track mentions to your brand/website on a daily basis or on a real-time basis as and when it happens, here are some of the tools and services you can use to track your brand/website on twitter.

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TweetDeck (Desktop Client)


TweetDeck offers a superior cross-platform client for twitter that runs on , tracking trends is definitely easy, however also has the ability to do some really nifty real time searches, which can come in pretty handy when you want to track brand mentions in real time.

BackTweets (Search Links on Twitter)


BackTweets is a interesting service in the sense that they allow you to see how many people are tweeting a given URL, they also include URLs that are shortened using URL Shortening services.

Definitely a great way to keep track of people who mention your website/brand URL in their tweets.

BackTweets also offers users an option to get email alerts whenever a particular URL has been mentioned on twitter on a real-time, daily or weekly basis.

Sideline (Desktop Client)


Sideline which we had reviewed previously is another cross-platform desktop client based on Adobe Air and created by , that will let you monitor twitter for certain keywords.

The application also allows you to see the latest trends and create favorites.

TweetBeep (Twitter Alert Service)


TweetBeep which we had reviewed earlier is a service that will send you email alerts whenever your keyword/brand or URL is mentioned.

Of course most of this information the above applications comes from Twitter Search, so you might want to use that too, however it does not provide the features the above applications provide you with.

Real Time Twitter Results In Google Search


Though this is neither a service nor a application a script can show you real time results from twitter whenever you search for something in Google.

Do you know of any other applications that allow you to track your brand or website? Don’t forget to tell us about them through your comments.

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