Top 5 games for Nokia 5530/5800/X6/N97/N97 Mini

Playing games can be fun and mobile phones are no longer used to just play “Snake” these days. There has been a huge leap in mobile gaming, and we can now play “First person shooting” and “3D games” on those tiny devices. In the past we have covered games for 80+ awesome games for Nokia and Symbian v3 platform, here are the Top 5 Games according to me ¬†for Nokia S60v5 based phones including Nokia N97, N97 Mini, Nokia 5800, Nokia X6 and Nokia 5530 -:

QuickBlock On Nokia 5800

5) Quick Block – Quick Block was one of the most popular game for Uiq phones. After the uiq platform was killed last year, the developers ported the game to Symbian S60v5 platform. The game is a very simple one, you just need to save your block from hitting few other moving blocks on the screen. The game has got decent graphics and it has a very addictive gameplay. Definitely a good game to kill some time! You can download Quick Block from here.

4) Labyrinth – Labyrinth is an accelerometer based game. Here the player needs to guide the ball through a board to a point given on the board. Being a motion control based game, this game is surely fun to play. The graphics of the game is also decent, but the game lags for a second or so sometimes which is irritating. Nevertheless, this is a must have game for your phone. A ‘Lite’ or demo version of Labyrinth can be downloaded from the Ovi Store.

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