Top 10 Applications For Nokia 5530/5800/X6/N97
By on December 2nd, 2009

Here are the top 10 Applications for Nokia Symbian 60 v5 based phones like Nokia 5530, Nokia 5800, Nokia X6, Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 Mini.

10) Y-Browser The ultimate File Manger for Symbian based phones developed by Dr. Jukka. Even though the inbuilt File Manager of Symbian phones is quite good, Y-Browser just takes managing files on your phone to the next level.5800_handytaskman_s60_5_en_1 Y-Browser even allows access to System Drives of a Symbian phone which the inbuilt File Manager lacks. Dr. Jukka has even made many plugins, for Y-Browser like the ability to open and edit text files from within Y-Browser and so on. You can download Y-Browser from here.

9) Google Maps – Google Maps from Google is a must have application for your phone. Nowadays, all the latest symbian phones feature an inbuilt GPS chip, Google Maps takes advantage of it and the cellphone towers to pin point your location and to guide you through your city. Even though Nokia phones comes with Ovi Maps pre-installed, Google Maps just blows it away with a better detailed map of your city. The Layers and Street View features of Google Maps act as an icing on the cake. You can download Google Maps by going to from your mobile phone web browser.

8) Handy Taskman – The inbuilt task manager of S60 smartphones is quite limited. It does not show the amount of free RAM, process running in the background etc. This is where Handy Taskman comes in. Not only does Handy Taskman shows the amount of free RAM, it even allows you to kill process or applications which might have hung. Handy Taskman also features a ‘Favorites’ tab where you can create a list of your frequently used applications for quick access to them. Here is a link to Handy Taskman official product page.

7) Nokia Messaging This has to be the ultimate email Messaging client for Nokia phones. Nokia Messaging has Kinetic scrolling, can display mails in HTML, and on top of that, the push email feature works like a charm. The only thing missing in Nokia Messaging is the ability to view your mails in Fullscreen, and the developers have said that they will add this feature in the next build of Nokia Messaging. You can download Nokia Messaging by pointing your phones web browser to

6) Bright Light Most of the smartphones come equipped with at least a Single LED Flash to aid photography in the night. Not many people click pictures from their smartphones and so the LED flash is left unused. With Bright Light one can use the LED Flash of the phone as a torch. The application has  a very simple interface like a On/Off “Switch”. The ability to use the LED flash of your phone as a torch is very handy and thus, this application is a must have for your20frpjq phone. Bright Light is available for free download at the Ovi Store.

5) Quickoffice Quickoffice has been one of the most popular office editing suites for Nokia smartphones for quite a few years now. Quickoffice version 6 was recently launched which added support for S60v5 based devices, support for docx, pptx files. Thanks to Quickoffice, editing documents on your mobile phone is nothing but a treat! You can download Quickoffice by going to

4) Opera Mobile/Mini The webkit based browser of Nokia S60v5 phones is quite good, but it lacks many features like multiple tab support, crashes randomly etc. This is where Opera Mobile/Mini – one of the most popular Mobile phone web browser comes in. Opera Mobile in its latest version (v10, which is still under beta) has went through a complete makeover. Opera Mobile now features a more touch friendly UI, the ability to open multiple tabs, inbuilt download manager and some nice animations as well. Opera Mini is the same as Opera Mobile, except that Opera Mini is a Java software while Opera Mobile is a native symbian web browsing software. Visit from your phone’s web browser to download Opera Mobile/Mini for your phone.

3) S60Tickr One of the most useful applications for Symbian phones I ever came across is S60Tickr. As the name suggests S60Tickr is a Ticker which hovers on the screen when you get a new message or a new email. This application comes in pretty useful whengravity-5800 you are busy reading some article on your phone and you receive a new sms. Just by glancing at the Tickr you can understand whether the message is an important one or not, and act accordingly. S60Tickr is available for a free download here.

2) Best Profiles Best Profiles allows you to make your phone location aware and time aware. Best Profiles gives you the ability to automatically change profiles at a certain period of time during the day, or when you reach a certain place. Eg. Best Profiles will automatically change the profile to Silent Mode when you reach your College or School. Not only this, Best Profiles also allows you to launch applications when a certain profile is activated or during certain hours of the day. The possibilities of what a user can do with this application are just limitless. You can download a trial version of Best Profiles from here.

1) Gravity Twitter is the next big thingin social networking. People are soon realizing the potential of Twitter and hopping onto it. Chances are, many of the readers of this article might be on twitter as well. Gravity is a native Symbian twitter client. The interface of Gravity is simply gorgeous. The developer of Gravity, @janole, has also added many other features to Gravity, like Kinetic Scrolling, Drafts Section etc. Gravity also gives you the ability to update your Facebook Status. At 10$, Gravity is one must have application if you are on Twitter. Here is a link to Gravity’s official product page

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