Click2Try Lets You Test Applications Before Downloading

Have ever come across a software that you liked from reviews, but after installing found not worth enough to use, many of us do and then eventually uninstall the application, leaving registry entries and other unwanted information behind.

However you can now test the applications online even before you download them with the help of Click2Try a service that allows users to test out open source applications and operating systems online without the need to download them to your computer.


Click2Try offers information about applications along with allowing you to test them out in a browser window, the application will work exactly as it will work on your local computer.

click2try_application_testing click2try_testing_eclipse

If you like the application you can then download it and use it on your local computer. Click2Try currently supports testing for over 50 open source applications, with more applications support regularly being added.

So the next time you want to test out a application before testing it, give Click2Try a try.

Click2Try [via Download Squad]

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