Sync Google Docs Documents With Your Desktop Documents

Sometime back we had told you about a wonderful application called DocSyncer which allowed you to synchronize and upload documents to your Docs account, unfortunately the service folded up and entered the .

Since then I have used several useful tools with my Google Docs account, but have always missed the availability of a synchronizer that will keep my Google Docs and local documents in sync.

Though the bad news was short-lived as I came across a very interesting synchronizing service called Syncplicity that has the ability to synchronize your Google Docs documents with your local PC.


The service is still in beta, so you can expect a few bugs here are there, but this is definitely going to be a very useful addition.

Digital Inspiration has a tutorial on setting up your Google Docs account with Syncplicity, so check it out to get started with the synchronization process.

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9 thoughts on “Sync Google Docs Documents With Your Desktop Documents”

  1. Thanks Keith for digging this one up for us!

    There seems to be greater flexibility here than GetDropbox.

    The Googly Doc sync is probably going to be a crowd pleaser.

  2. The only problem with the Google doc sync is that it wipes out any other folders or documents you had in Google Docs which were also not on your local drive. Also, you limited by the space available with Syncplicity and not the space available on your Google Docs.

    Overall, not the right product for me. Google should just come up with a Gears solution and be done with it.

    1. There is a new software that has a free version for consumers (not free for business use) which automatically synchronizes with Google Docs and documents can be edited offline with MS Office or Open Office. It is also a complete document management tool for the PC. Take a look at

  3. Syncplicity only synced those files from gDocs to my Syncplicity webspace that where in rtf Format No pdf, xml, csv, png. So: for me useless.

  4. As long the documents are just scrap yess, but if you have a payed account and the documents are sensitive, I would recommend to take good care to who you give the password of your google account.

  5. Syncing doesn’t work well. When you change a document in google docs, it does change in syncplicity and then on your pc. But if you add a document to a folder in your PC, it does sync with syncplicity but NOT with google docs.

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