StumbleUpon From Any Browser, Coming Soon?

StumbleUpon is a social network which brings in steady traffic rather than bringing a burst and disappearing altogether. The only problem with StumbleUpon though was that it pre-dominantly supported stumbling through toolbars only, unless a website has a StumbleUpon button to make things easier for you.

Having toolbars for each and every browser is not easy though, and the team at StumbleUpon will be releasing a new web toolbaron Tuesday, which could fit into any browser without users having to install anything. The toolbar would actually be a (i)frame, that would give users stumbling options, just like a regular toolbar.

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The toolbar will only exist as long as a user is stumbling through the StumbleUpon website though. In broader sense this does not solve the difficulties for users while surfing with browsers like Google Chrome, Safari or Opera  which do not support the StumbleUpon toolbar. In such cases users will still have to login to StumbleUpon before they can actually submit content, which makes it much more harder if a website does not have a stumble button included.

What we would like to see, is a bookmarklet that creates the StumbleUpon Web toolbar, so that users can easily invoke and stumble pages without having to login to StumbleUpon every-time, to manually submit content.

What are you thoughts about this? Do let us know.

[via StumbleUpon 2.0]

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