Startup Manager For Ubuntu

Techie Buzz is powered by a Ubuntu Hardy operating system, and we do a lot of configuration and setups on the server.

However unlike Windows we only use the command line for managing the server, so adding and removing startup items becomes a pain.

If you are Ubuntu user, or have a server that uses Ubuntu, there is a very nice tool that will allow you to manage startup items for your Ubuntu OS.

Rcconf is a handy Debian utility, that allows users to configure which services run at startup or boot-time. It acts as a frontend to the update rc-d command.

To install rcconf on your system, open a console window and type the following command.

   1: sudo apt-get install rcconf

Once you have installed the app, type the rcconf command, this should bring up a screen, where you can remove or change items from the system startup.


Just unselect the items you want to remove from the startup and hit the Ok button, the configuration changes should take place on the next system startup.

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