Spring Cleanup Your Twitter Account

Every once in a while we need to perform spring cleaning to get rid of things that have piled up and are no longer of use or to cleanup space and rearrange things to put them into order.


Likewise your account may require some spring cleaning too, as there may be people who you follow, but have not updated their status in a pretty long time or have ceased to exist altogether.

MyCleenr is a handy service that promotes itself as being the best way to clean your Twitter account. MyCleenr is a unique way to sort your friends by their last tweets. It allows you to get rid off all the inactive and useless accounts that you are following!


Once you enter your twitter credentials into MyCleenr (the developer tries really hard to tell you that he won’t store it anywhere) the service works its magic and displays the people you are following, albeit sorted based on the date of their last tweet.

I was able to clear out few people I follow based on this info, definitely useful and worthwhile way to spring clean your twitter account, every once in a while.

MyCleenr [via LiewCF]

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleanup Your Twitter Account”

  1. Hey wanted to check this out but it only allows accounts with 700 or less followers. Doesn’t seems like a lot. That’s too bad. I was looking forward to using this.

  2. Hahahahah! I’m still getting my toes wet with twitter, and other people need to start doing spring cleaning already! At least all this information is available before my serious dabbling starts, which should ease my twitter experience a bit!

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