Sort Downloads Into Different Folders In Firefox

Firefox 3 has improved on the download manager, however it still leaves a lot to be desired, since you have to sort all the downloads in different folders after they have been download, with free download managers you can easily sort the downloads making it easier to manage downloaded files.

There is some delight for Firefox users, in the form of a handy add-on called Download Sort which will help you sort the downloads in different folders based on their extensions.

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Once you have downloaded and installed the add-on, you can configure the add-on to setup the folders you want to sort different files into. The initial setup provides you with several options such as what action should be taken when a duplicate file is available in the directory and so on.


However there is a small catch with this add-on, as it only works when you use the right-click context menu to Save Link Asor Save Image Asoptions, this add-on will not help you sort downloads that are triggered on clicking links, but useful nevertheless.

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In addition to the current features we would love to see some pre-defined settings that will automatically sort images, videos, music and softwares along with the ability to configure this to work with the regular download features.

Download Sort add-on For Firefox [via GHacks – Sort Downloads In Firefox]

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