Sir Isaac Newton’s Google Doodle at Google NZ

Google has put up a really awesome doodle on the Google New Zealand homepage ( to celebrate Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday.

Isaac Newton's Google Doodle

The Google Doodle for Sir Isaac Newton is the first animated doodle I have seen from them. When you load the page you will see an Apple tree over Google’s logo, after a second or so, one of the Apple’s drop from the tree, this is to support Sir Isaac’s gravitational theory, he had formed when he saw an Apple drop from a tree.

Why Google chose New Zealand? Not sure, the doodle is not yet available in other Google sites.

Thanks arpitnext.

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  • Anurag Upadhaya

    Sorry but the link is not proper.

    Correct link should be:

  • It's unique.. It's my first time to see animated doodle. :D

  • elliott

    hey there. the isaac newton is available in other countries, as soon as local time reaches 00:00.

    • @elliott – Thanks for the update, yes I am able to see it in other locations now

  • Somebody

    No, it can be seen in every version of Google.

  • it's awesome