Simple Countdown Timer For Firefox

You want to spend 15 minutes surfing your favorite social networking site before you get down to some serious work, so what do you do? Keep watching the clock or download and install a timer application, that will tell you when the 15 minutes are up?


With the Simple Timer add-on for Firefox, you can easily setup a timer to countdown the time and alert you when the 15 minutes are up, and the best part is that you do not even have to close the browser and launch another application for setting up the timer.

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  simple-timer-countdown simple-timer-notifier

The Simple Timer packs in several features into this tiny add-on which include:

  • A Timer to alert you after certain minutes or a given time. Provides option to countdown (time to 0) and countup (0 to time).
  • A clock that will display time in your preferred format.
  • A Notifier that will alert you at a set time.
  • Setup recurring notifications to alert you at a given time everyday.

The features definitely makes this a must have add-on for , however it is a experimental add-on, so you will have to login before you can download and install this add-on.

Download Simple Timer Firefox Add-on

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