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has grown from being a service that just tells users what you are doing right now, to a publicity heaven and a place to share almost anything under the hood, including pictures.

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However two new services aim to add to the Twitter bandwagon by allowing users to share music and videos with your Twitter followers.

Share Music/MP3 On Twitter


We found several websites that allow you to share music on twitter, here are some which you may find interesting. allows user to share tracks from artists on twitter, you can preview and play the track before you tweet it to your account. The tweet contains a link to the MP3 you are sharing, which your followers can then listen to. You can also submit a direct MP3 link or link. is similar to where it allows you to tweet a song and allows your followers to listen to it, when they click on the link in the tweet. is a service that takes the URL of an MP3, shortens it for Twitter so that a user can tweet the URL of the song. Users who click on the link will be able to listen to the song in compact Flash player.

Share Videos On Twitter


Tweetube Tweetube provides a option to share videos from YouTube with your followers, you can search for videos or directly share a video by providing a URL. Tweetube also lets you track the visits and comments from the people that follow you on Twitter.

twview Twview is a new service which allows you to search and share videos from YouTube and Vimeo on twitter. Twview allows users to search for a video, view it and share it with followers on twitter.

ffwd ffwd is a video aggregator which also allows you to post your favorite videos to twitter, you will need to create a account with ffwd, before you can share videos on twitter.

Do you use any other services to share music and videos on twitter? Do let us know about them.

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