Share Folders & Sub-Folders in Google Docs

makes online collaboration and sharing very easy, by allowing you to share documents with several people, and also allowing several people to edit them in real-time. However, what if you want to share a entire project research with your team? Would you send out share invites for each and every document?


Turns out that you don’t have to do that anymore. Google Docs has started to allow users to share entire folders and sub-folders, in addition to sharing individual documents.


The share process for folders is similar to sharing individual documents. However, instead of using the dropdown menu to share, you will need to right click the folder and choose the Share option from it.


If a folder has been shared, you will see a share icon on the folder. Whenever you create a new folder or document in the shared folder, it will be automatically be shared with other collaborators.


You will need to expand the Folders shared with me section, to view the folders that have been shared with you. You can then edit or view the documents based on the permissions that have been setup for the shared folder.

According to an Google help page, when you share access to an entire folder, all the sub-folders and documents will have the same share permission. So, please take care to ensure that you do not share any unwanted documents by mistake.

Allowing users to Share folders is definitely a good move from Google. Since we often create several documents related to a topic, it’s now much easier to share several documents at once.

Share folders and multiple file upload in Google Docs [Official Google Blog]


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