Services To Manage Your Inbox and Social Networking Headaches
By on December 3rd, 2009

You may receive emails from your friends, family, colleagues, social networking sites, marketing newsletters and from people who want to give you millions of dollars too in your inbox daily. In addition to that, you may also have several social networking accounts that you need to check on periodically.


Usually you have to manage your inbox, by performing tasks creating filters, deleting emails and marking them as spam. But all of this adds to a headache we usually get throughout the day. Also, keeping up with your social activities can be quite a headache.

However, there are several services which will relieve your headache and manage your inbox and social networking accounts with efficiency, so that you only have to see those important emails and things that really matter. In this post, we will try and list some of the best Inbox managers and aggregators along with some Social networking aggregators and managers.

Other Inbox

Other Inbox Logo

Other Inbox is one of the best services I have come across to clear out my inbox of all the clutter. It neatly organizes all my emails and also creates new labels for incoming mails from social networking sites and other marketing sites, so that I can focus more on the important ones and read the rest of them later.

Other Inbox provides users with several features such as saving mail for later reading, daily summary of emails, automatic recognition and grouping of emails and a really good spam filtering.

Other Inbox currently works with , Mail and Windows Live Hotmail accounts.

Inbox 2


Inbox 2 is another all-in-one-inbox manager which clubs several email accounts and social networking accounts in one place and let’s you manage them with ease. Inbox 2 was recently covered on Tech Crunch.

Inbox 2 supports a large number of services including Gmail, , Yahoo Mail, AOL, LinkedIn, Yammer and Windows Live Hotmail. Inbox 2 is currently invite only.



Threadsy is another interesting service which allows you to manage several accounts in a single place. Threadsy currently supports Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL mail and IMAP accounts along with and Twitter.

Once again Threadsy is invite only, so you will have to get in line before you start using it.

Nutshell Mail


Nutshell Mail is a service which will allow you to manage your accounts and send you daily digest about your activity streams. This will ensure that you do not have to keep checking your social networks over and over again for updates.

Nutshell mail currently supports Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other popular services. It also allows you to track people who unfollowed you on Twitter.

Other Services

There are several more services that will allow you to aggregate your Inbox and social networking accounts in one place, you can try them out by visiting the links below.

Do you have something to share? Feel free to comment and let us know about it.

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