Send SMS From Gmail

Labs has been introducing features left and right, and this time they have come up with a really useful functionality that will allow you to send and receive SMS text messages from within your Gmail account in Chat.


To activate the chat feature go to Settings > Labs and activate text messaging in chat.

Once you have activate the SMS feature you can send a SMS to any of your contacts by clicking on the options in a chat window.


Once you click on the send SMS option you will see a new option pop-up where you can enter the phone number where you want to send the SMS message to.


I tested out the service and received a SMS on my cellphone, you basically receive two SMS message the first time, the first telling you about the service and the second that contains the actual message.

gmail-welcome-sms-message gmail-actual-sms-message

This is a real great feature to contact people when they are not online, however this service is only available in US right now.

Note: Regular SMS rates may apply from your carrier.

2 thoughts on “Send SMS From Gmail”

  1. I’d be interested to see if this ever makes out outside of the US. Pretty much every other country only charges for sending SMS, not receiving them. Having said that, I’m making full use of the Google Calendar’s SMS notification system.

    If Google Chat does start sending SMS outside of the US then I’ll have to start transferring all my Skype contacts into it. I currently use that as it’s *far* cheaper than any UK telco for sending texts.

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