Send Files Directly From Microsoft Office Using YouSendIt

So you have created a document that you want to send across to your friends or colleagues, but why waste time opening up your email program, attaching the file and then sending the email to the recipients you want to?

YouSendIt a service that allows you to send large files as email attachments, albeit they don’t exactly attach a file but just include a link to the uploaded file stored on their servers, making it easier for anyone to download the files without being limited to the mail server limit of 20MB attachment size.

Though YouSendIt is a online service, they have made quite a few applications that allow you to send files from your desktop, a  add-in that allows you to easily send large files, the latest application they are providing is pretty useful since it will allow users to directly send files from within Microsoft Office documents.


Once you have clicked on the Send by YouSendIt link in the menu it will launch the YouSendIt Express program using which you can send the document to people you want to share it.


To start using YouSendIt from Microsoft Office you will have to sign up for a free account, using which you can attach and send files up-to 2GB.

Download YourSendIt Microsoft Office Family Add-in

3 thoughts on “Send Files Directly From Microsoft Office Using YouSendIt”

  1. Cool application. Is it compatible with OpenOffice at all? Microsoft’s Office offering gets covred very nicely by OpenOffice, and with the increasing popularity of Open Source Software one has to start saying that Microsoft’s business model is fast becoming outdated.

  2. For a while, I’ve been hearing about YouSendIt and similar sites that allow the transfer of large files. However, I’ve wondered how secure those files are. For example, are they encrypted? Do they have measures to prevent unauthorized access? This is especially important for the transfer of highly confidential files. Does anyone know the answers to these questions?

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