Screenshot By Email: Capture and Email With One Click

There are many times when you may need to take a screen capture and email it to someone for support or troubleshooting, the entire process usually involves taking a screenshot, saving it to your local drive, opening up your email program, attaching the file, composing the email and sending it.

If you find the entire process cumbersome, a handy freeware utility called screenshot by email will reduce the entire process to just one click.


With Screenshot by Email, on press of a single hot key, the software creates a snapshot of your entire screen or just the active window, compresses it into a Zip-archive and composes an email message with your screenshot ready to be sent. Another option is to save the screenshot to a file.

Screenshot by Email Features

  • Extremely easy to use: You need just one keystroke to take a screenshot and send it by email or save it to a file.
  • Extremely small size of the email attachment: Screenshot-by-Email compresses screenshots into Zip-file with maximum compression ratio. The resulting size is almost twice less then the size of the same image in the Jpeg-format.
  • External compatibility: As long as the attachment is in the zip-format, the recipient of your email can open it easily. Screenshot-by-Email runs on any Windows platform. It does not depend on any additional software or hardware.
  • Extremely gentle use of system resources: The main module of the software is only 60Kb in size.

The software is definitely very useful and a must download.

Download Screenshot by Email

3 thoughts on “Screenshot By Email: Capture and Email With One Click”

  1. Thats True… wen v want 2 email the screen capture, the entire process takes time…. dis is good if in one click v cn send our file of screenshot by emal…. will surely try it…….. thanx 4 sharing wid us…..

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