7 Ways To Schedule Future Tweets In Twitter

Quite sometime back we had told you about 11 ways to schedule and send emails in the future, however lots of things have changed since then and people are using as a mode of communication.

So what better way than to tell our readers about 7 services/applications that will help you schedule tweets in the future.

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Twuffer – Twuffer was developed for anyone who has a need to schedule pre-written, post-dated tweets, you can use it for different purposes, like tweeting hourly/daily/monthly announcements, running time based contests and so on.

AutoTweeter A java based cross platform twitter desktop client that will allow you to schedule future tweets without using any external service.

Future Tweets Future Tweets is a free service that lets you schedule your Twitter messages. Send it at a specific time in the future or send a recurring tweet daily, weekly, monthly or yearly!

TwitRobot TwitRobot allows schedule your Twitter messages. Send status updates to Twitter even when your away from your phone or computer.

TwitResponse (our review) This is a service which we had reviewed in the past. TwitResponse allows you to schedule unlimited amount of tweets and send them out in the future, you can easily manage all your scheduled tweets and edit or delete them from your dashboard.

TweetLater TweetLater allows you to schedule tweets that will be sent out in the future. Pretty simple and easy to use.

TwitMessenger A new service that allows users to schedule tweets for the future.

Which other service have you used to send out tweets in the future? Have you used any of the ones we listed here? Do let us know through your comments.

48 thoughts on “7 Ways To Schedule Future Tweets In Twitter”

  1. Twuffer has a serious problem with some characters. It makes it almost unusable if you don't tweet in english.

    I've posted a support ticket about this, but they don't seem to fix this.

    Too bad because it's a really cool and simple service…

  2. I liked AutoTweeter the best. They also give AutoFollower tool too. Customer support from them is great.The tool is worth the money and it works !! , some of the tools listed here do not work anymore,so I opted AutoTweeter,the best thing is that , it shows "tweeted from web" and not like "tweeted from hootsuite" etc.. which makes people think that you are using some automated tool.Thanks a lot for the listing Keith.

  3. The one I am using now is Pluggio. pluggio.com It’s still free (currently) and is more compact than most. It allows tweet scheduling and has plenty of great features. Lots of short videos to explain clearly what it does. I have several twitter accounts that are quite demanding ( eg @magillamax ) and it manages multiple twitter account nicely. Excellent interface.

  4. Hi this is chris, I have just signed up with Twaitter about a week, and unfortunetlly I have to say that i am kind of disappointed with the wya way twaitter works. Frist of all yes you can schedule up to 10 tweets per hour, but many times the system let me schedule about 15 per hour which caused errors in my tweeting schedule. Second is that yes you can edit your tweets and copy them, as well as pausing them too, but what good does that do when most of my scheduled tweets DO NOT even appear on twitter in the first place! I have scheduled almost a full 24 hour period time to be scheduled with Twaitter, and maybe 20 of these tweets showed up on twitter, or say for every 5 minutes that I had scheduled every 30 minutes would actually go through twitter. I finally got tired of it and emailed their help desk, still waiting for a response from them

  5. Thanks so much for sharing all of this great information! I’ve decided to tweet more for my business and this information is exactly what I needed to learn. Thanks!

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