Save All Outlook Attachments With One Click

If you are a heavy user, you may have accumulated tons of emails with attachments in it, the attachment make use of critical space in the Outlook PST files, and the higher the size of your PST file, the slower Outlook will perform.

Scanning and downloading individual attachments from the emails can turn out to be quite a hassle, also there is no easy way to just delete the attachments and keep the email message intact.

However a Free Outlook Add-in called Save All Attachments will allow you to save all attachments from emails in Outlook and delete them from the actual message, reducing the storage space used by the PST file and speeding up Outlook in the process.

The software will also add a link to the file in the original message so that you can open the attachment from your hard drive.

To save all attachments, use the File > Save All Attachments option or click on the Save All Attachments toolbar icon, you should see a new dialog message which will allow you to save the attachments and delete them.


Save All Attachments will only work with Outlook 2007, you will also have to install Microsoft .Net framework 3.5 and Visual Studio Tools for office system runtime 3.0, if these softwares are missing, the installer will prompt you to install them first.

Download Save All Attachments for Outlook 2007

2 thoughts on “Save All Outlook Attachments With One Click”

  1. This is a wery useful tip, and will help me alot at my job.
    One question remains for me : how can be exported/imported these files? Ex: changing the PC

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