Samsung Announces 3D TV, Moment, Multi-Device App Store, New eBook Readers and More

Samsung has completed their show at , and boy are there some really cool things in store. The biggest announcement from Samsung was the 3D TV and 3D Home entertainment.


Yes, Samsung will be launching a home entertainment system, using which you can watch 3D movies at your home. They also have a exclusive partnership which will bring Monsters vs. Aliens home on 3D Blu-ray.


In addition to that they also announced the Samsung Apps store, which will be the world’s first multi-device app store. In simple terms, the apps on the store will work on multiple devices such as your TV and cell phone. The first Apps for TVs should be seen in Spring of 2010.


Samsung has also announced two eBook readers named E6 and E101. Both of these will have, touch screen QWERTY support, handwriting support, Bluetooth and WiFi. The device will be 6" long and will sell for $399, the bigger version of the eBook reader will be sold for $699. Samsung will partner with Google to deliver books on the eBook platform.

More Announcements from Samsung at CES 2010

  • World smallest one-touch screen printer with WiFi and DLNA
  • New 1000-lumen S10 LED projector
  • Samsung CL80 point-and-shoot camera
  • S16 and NX10 Camcorders
  • IceTouch transparent ALMOLD display MP3 player
  • Samsung Moment based on Android, the World’s First Mobile TV
  • Omnia II and more

Images and info courtesy Engadget CES coverage.

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