Recover Data From Scratched CDs and DVDs with Copy Cat

There is always a bundle of scratched CDs or DVDs sitting in your computer cabinet, CDs which contains backups and files which Windows does not allow you to copy to your PC.


Quite recently we had talked about several copy paste enhancements and replacements for windows, one of the things we missed adding to the list was Copy Cat, a real helpful and free solution for recovering data from scratched CDs and DVDs.

copy-cat-screenshot Copy Cat is a smart copier since unlike windows it allows you to skip the unreadable bytes and proceed with copying the rest of the data. Windows on the other hand, simply quits even if it comes across a single bad byte. This approach allows Copy Cat to at-least recover the readable data from the scratched CD or DVD.

Copy Cat Features

  • Copies your oldest collection of CDs and DVDs
  • It even tries to copy a highly damaged media byte by byte
  • It gives you the option to skip the bytes if bad area found
  • It is a very fast data recovery tool
  • It also tries to copy damaged files on your hard disk
  • Unlike Windows copy operation it does not stop the copy if bad area found

Copy Cat is a freeware, so you do not have to worry about paying a hefty amount to the local tech guy who can recover data from your scratched CD or DVD. Get that stack of scratched CDs and DVDs out and let Copy Cat recover the lost memories, you thought you could never get back. While installation the software will ask you to install a IE toolbar, so please uncheck it if you do not want any add-ons to be installed.

Download Copy Cat [via Tech Spikes]

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  • The software seems good, but i dont think so that it will retrieve data from your so called “Precious Memories DISK ” !!1 :D

  • Hey, this is actually useful. I never totally understood why windows crapped out whenever it came across just a few bad bits…

  • not_so_good


    Yes, CopyCat will continue if it encounters and error.

    But what’s the use of having files with errors in them? CopyCat will just continue to copy the errors it reads off the disc, this isn’t repairing them. Windows at least says “hey, this disc is screwed and so is the data so I wont bother continuing”

    Good example, a zip file, yes copycat will retrieve the file, but it will contain corrupt data. False hope.

  • El_Dief

    Lrn2read not_so_good, the point is that Copy Cat will allow you to retrieve the uncorrupted data from a damaged disc.
    Windows, on the other hand will just say “your disc is damaged, too bad, so sad” and you lose everything.