Quickly Hide Applications and Processes With Blind Boss Key [Anti Boss Key]

There are several times when you may be reading your favorite website like Techie Buzz or watching a movie on YouTube and your boss walks in to your cubicle. Your immediate reaction would be to frantically hide or close the open windows or applications.

Many a times you may fumble or give yourself away while closing the windows or applications, but not any more. With the help of Blind Boss Key, a application that helps you make your actions invisible,  you can quickly hide a set of applications windows and processes, by simply pressing a hotkey. You can call it a Anti Boss Key if you like :-).

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Once you have downloaded and installed the Anti Boss Key software, you can setup the software to hide certain applications and processes with a hotkey. Blind Boss Key will let you hide visible windows, hide windows of processes, set a window on top and completely run the software in the background so that no one can spot if you are using the Anti Boss Key.

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Along with hiding the windows, the interesting feature of Blind Boss Key is to bring any application to the foreground, so you could bring the PowerPoint application or the word processor to the foreground, to show that you have been working on it :-).

hide-processes-in-with-blind-boss-key setup-hotkeys-for-hiding-windows-and-processes

Once you have added the applications and processes to be hidden, you can setup the hotkey that will hide and show the windows. So no more fumbling or getting caught the next your boss comes to your cubicle, all you have to do is use the hotkey and all the windows you have chosen will disappear from the desktop.

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