Privnote Lets You Send Notes, James Bond Style

privnote-logo James Bond definitely sports cool gadgets and accessories, but unlike him we are not so lucky to get our hands on those funky gadgets, but here is something you would like. Privnote is a handy service that will let you create destructible notes, that will expire once it has been read.


Sending a super confidential, self-destructing note is pretty easy with this service, simply type in you message and save it, you will get a link to the message that you can send to anyone who you want. Once the note has been read it will be deleted forever.

You can also get alerts on when the notes are read so that you would know that the message has been destroyed. Now that’s something James Bond never had.

P.S. Don’t expect any funky special effects while you use this service :-). Also here is a super confidential note, the first reader to read it will definitely enjoy. Thanks WebTrickz.

Send Private Notes with PrivNote

4 thoughts on “Privnote Lets You Send Notes, James Bond Style”

  1. I’ve seen this website before, and thought it was an interesting concept. I’d rather just use e-mail instead of using some public website to send notes. It’s more secure with e-mail. Who knows if these people actually go through these notes.

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