Presidential Address for Gulf Oil Spill Live Streaming on Hulu

Hulu the free online video service which offers hit TV shows online, is diving into live streaming with the Presidential Address by Barack Obama to address the Gulf Oil Spill issue from the White House.

Unlike other Hulu videos which are limited to the United States, The Presidential Address for the Gulf Oil Spill crisis will be available internationally at 8PM EST.

As President Obama addresses the nation regarding the oil spill in the Gulf this evening, you can catch the speech in its entirety as it streams live from Hulu

Hulu is also allowing websites and blogs to embed the video. You can also watch the Presidential Address live streaming in the embedded video below. Video after the jump.

One thought on “Presidential Address for Gulf Oil Spill Live Streaming on Hulu”

  1. How is the BP oil spill Obama’s fault?

    don’t get it. Obama didn’t start the spill, Obama can’t magically fix something that is at a depth NOBODY has the technology to efficiently operate in, and Obama has no control over how many barrels of oil spill out every day.

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